The Egg and the Ball go Rolling

Ododo na moni yo!

A long time ago a Ball of clay and an Egg became friends. Their friendship was held strong by the desire to one day compete in a race to see who was fastest. They wanted to race each other because they were both round and smooth.

On the day of the race, the two spheres took their places at the starting line up. They started rolling along, but the Egg surely was much faster than the Ball of clay. As they approached the finish line, the Ball of clay had to think faster than he was rolling. He had to find a way of winning. So he rushed forth and dropped out of his lane. He bumped into the Egg and cracked the Egg’s shell just when the finishing line was a breath away. So it was the Ball of Clay that won the race.

This means the Ball of clay won because he was more cunning than the Egg.