The Friendship of Frog and Lizard

Ododo na moni yo!

A long time ago, Lizard became friends with Frog. They were the best of friends. One day Lizard said to Frog, “My dear friend, let’s have a competition. We’ll jump over the creek and see who jumps highest.”

Frog was incredulous and replied, “Lizard, you cannot jump over the creek.”

“Don’t mind me Frog. Let’s just go and jump.”

With that the two friends went off to the creek. When they reached a suitable spot, Lizard wanted to go first. He stretched his little limbs and took a long jump. He landed in the middle of the water and began to drown. So the Lizard began to sing:

Frog come and save me.

Frog come and save me.

Frog leaped into the water and started to drag Lizard to safety. When they reached firm ground, he pressed Lizards belly with his feet and all the water that Lizard had swallowed flowed out of his mouth. When all the water had trickled out and Lizard was feeling better, he advised lizard, “If you are not sure of success with things that seem great and exciting, please do not attempt to them. It’s bad. ”

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