Lamunu, my Mother

By James Onono Ojok

Lamunu,my mother
daughter of the great Ya-coni*
he killed the lion
died for his daughter.
born during the Protectorate.
Catherine became her name
from the kraal of Patiko she emerged
the gap between her teeth shining in natural beauty.
Unfavoured girls of her time would hire a Lanak
her’s was natural
her smile enamoured Justine
Lamunu, my mother.

The heroine of her time,
Champion of Patiko in the javelin competition
Pece stadium’s crowds still remember her
oh memory sings…
Lamunu, my mother
There’s no shop for mothers
No love alike, as each mother’s
Memory recounts!
Lamunu, my mother
Memory sings
Lamunu, my mother.

*A famous man in Patiko.

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