By Raïs Neza Boneza

Fatima, the dreamer,
of joys and passions past,
In her new family, so young,
She the smoke of fury,
And behind her, rumors.

Fatima, the youngest girl,
Stricken by the fruit of romance
Sits, thinking of paths,
which once seemed so clear.

Fatima, the innocent,
In the middle of her earthly voyage,
Living with Okoth, her spouse so poorly
After carnal leisure and affection
The end of tenderness beckons. .

Fatima, woman of uncertainty,
So heavy is the decision;
Your needs are rarely met,
Two children pull at your skirt,
And precious is the life in your womb
Yet no worth for Okoth.

Fatima, mother of misery,
Coldness is your kitchen,
Your feeling, your trust. Your purse is empty.
Your brother is poverty, your sister neglect.

Fatima, married so young,
Woman of courage,
Finally, with the reluctant sigh of indecent agreement
You enter the dimness of cluttered rooms Fatima,,
On the alter of undesirable desire, you are immolated.
Debauchery sucks at the breasts of your dignity.
Your body is ravaged like prey,
Your milk of erotic decadence
now satisfies the thirst of menunbridled passions.

Fatima, peddler of flesh,
a tortured sacrifice,
Your heart forced into loveless love,
But your duty you’re doing, your self-abandonment,
endured for love and survival of your young family.

Fatima, woman of thought,
As the sun warms the earth,
so do you warm the bellies of your children.
The price of your sacrifice
Is fear frozen in your thoughts:
Perhaps the best of your life nears its end.

Fatima, solitary woman,
Your spouse is so quietly,
a monument to mutual humiliation,
his pain-hollowed glances
the sum of your loneliness,
Alone you remain, alone you are.

Fatima, ghost of my towns,
Nightly on pavements,
Coldly waiting for sinners in the balm darkness.
From Kampala to Dar-es-Salaam,
her spectre is bright ; From Kinshasha to Bujumbura,
In Kigali, in Nairobi, the haunting persists.

Fatima, of my impassioned dream:
adorned in dignity, wife and mother
Arising from gutters of nameless cities
To the heights of valiant womanhood
Where the shade of her love
is supreme.