Those Seeds

By Isaac Newton Ojok

Those seeds watered by tears, are yet to bloom,
for great tragedy forms life in which great recovery can take root and blossom
But only if you plant the seeds

One seed was wild, guilty of true love; it grew into lust
Second seed saw no sun; it got the wind and died in delight
Third seed became deceitful to have roots, but I saw it drying
Fourth seed came in sight, it failed to look at treasure and it suffered poverty
This is true, in the likeness of all the others,
The fifth seed grew naked; it thought it had wondrous beauty,
and men laid their heads on its breast,
The sixth seed came stricken and blind, it imagined its face warty and it took flight!
To please the callous and disdainful
The seventh seed grew in odors, and its breath was foul
The eighth seed sought good soil in vain,
And the ninth seed grew in light amidst pebbles
It gave nectar.

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