Isaac Newton Ojok

Isaac Newton Ojok

Isaac Newton Ojok

Isaac Newton Ojok was born early morning on February 18, 1990. It was a Sunday. By then Gulu, a small town in Northern Uganda was engulfed in the confusion of active combat between Lord’s Resistance Army and the National Resistance Army, currently renamed Uganda People’s Defense Forces. His parents are Mrs. Apiyo Beatrice and Mr. Robert Achaye. He is the second born of five siblings and just happens to be the lucky boy among four girls.

The family was poor. Mr. Achaye worked in the Uganda Police Force and when Ojok was twelve years old, he had a debilitating stroke which left him paralyzed for the rest of his life. Ms Apiyo, who made fine clothes, became the sole earner for the family.

“Life was never easy in the family when I was growing up. Sometimes we would have to struggle to get a meal a day. At times all we had was dry cassava with plenty of water at supper time. As much as I can say, things always came as life would offer them to us but we were always grateful.”

Early childhood was difficult as Ojok was a sickly child. He began to walk at the age of three and that was seen as inauspicious.

“I was told that at that time my name was Sunday Kidega, but later my name was changed to Ojok Isaac Newton. Miraculously, when my name was changed, everything became normal for me and I began to grow up as any other healthy child.”

In 1996 at the age of six, Ojok enrolled into Semuto Parents School, a nursery school in Wobulenzi. The family had been relocated from Gulu and while there, he learned children’s songs and writing.

In 1997, he joined Old Kampala Primary School til 2001. In 2002, the family was transferred back to Gulu where Ojok completed his primary school studies from UNIFAT (Upper Nile Institute for Appropriate Technology). After completing primary school, he joined Gulu High School (2004-2007) for his O`level and Pope John Paul II College, Gulu (2008-2009) for Advanced Level. In 2013, he completed a Bachelor of Public Administration and Management from Gulu University.

“In 2006, I developed a love for literature in English and I began to write poetry for myself. It even prompted me to take up literature as a subject at A Level. I would have recitals in class and then in the dormitory.

Ojok has very diverse interests, “I love to write because the gift of writing flows with splendor in my blood, while acting is my passion,” he says.

In 2010, Ojok joined Crispy Poetry Uganda. In a community competition, his poem The Hard Timer’s Pen won in the second best overall in 2010.

In 2011, he joined United Youth Entertainment, a local film and entertainment collective. He featured as a major actor in the movie A Wife for Hire, and played support roles in The Bone Brain, and Haunted Christmas. He is currently completing a role in the feature film Girl from Lamwo.

In 2012, he co-founded the Galaxy Poets of Northern Uganda. It was the initiative of Ojok James Onono.

Mr. Ojok is currently working as a Policy Research and Advocacy Associate at Summit Foundation Uganda.

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  1. Hi, I am from the United States and have sponsored a family from Bedmot Uganda through Christian Children’s fund (now Child Fund) for over 13 years. My sponsored child (now a young adult) has attended Pope John Paul II College in Gulu since 2007. He recently passed his UACE exam. He tells me that he seriously wants to pursue his studies in Literature — but I am at a loss as to how I can help him. I am hoping that because your paths are somewhat similar, that you might have some ideas, suggestions, or advice as to how I would be able to help him reach his goals from this great distance. I love this family as much as I love my own and would be so honored to be able to help them. Thank you.

    • Dear Linda,
      Thank you very much for getting in touch. We appreciate your kind generosity. At the moment we are working to set up micro libraries with our friends in and around Gulu. You can therefore help by donating appropriate reading materials that shall enable your beneficiary to dream confidently and enjoy literature in the company of like minded young adults.

      Community Micro Libraries

      Please privately contact us with further details, so that we can help your beneficiary get career guidance from our affiliates at Gulu University. Our community of writers and editors can also assist to critique any work that he has produced. Since some of our members have been students of Pope John Paul II College, they may know him and be in a position to offer support.

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