By Rashida Namulondo

In the corridor of time
I peeped through the keyhole of 2099.
The television said the nuclear war might be tomorrow
The radio said,
The globe has warmed up
And the North Pole has melted away
The phone said to the man with it,

The government experiment was a disaster and
The virus is on the loose.
I saw people being chased and about to be caught up by time
Voices out in the window screaming
Let’s escape to AFRICA
Maybe it was left untouched.

So I peeped through the door of 2015
I saw black women importing Western ideas
I saw their children throw away their customs
Old men dying without writing down their history
I saw black women go to school to learn to be white
I looked around to see if anyone was against it but none

So I peeped through a door with no label
Must have been timeless time
Its people respecting each other’s culture
They didn’t cut the forest
They didn’t pollute the air
They worked together
Nature was pleased with them
I wanted to open and run in but it was locked.

So I opened back to 2013
And sat down
Thinking how I can save the world
So I told the world in a poem
Hoping they would listen.

This poem won first prize at the BN Poetry Award 2013.
Reproduced courtesy of the organisers of the BN Poetry Award.

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