Community Micro Libraries

Community Micro Libraries are little libraries that may exist in a trunk, a dresser or a secure little corner in a friendly house. The idea is to support reading for pleasure in the community.

Reading enhances the appreciation of culture. Through the reading of fiction, poetry, scholarly writing, music and even posters, many people can holistically appreciate artistic expressions present in their own communities. Books not only stimulate the imagination, but have the power to positively change people.

There is a strong desire to read, but even the available books are considered too precious to be let out of storage. And so they lie behind glass cabinets, or gather dust on shelves that are fiercely guarded.

Often the case is that people want books to read, but they are either priced beyond the comfort of their budgets or are inaccessible. Therefore a stock of books in a location that offers free access to the public can host a micro library.

Managing the library is as simple as a volunteer recording the title of the book, the borrower’s name and return date in a ledger and taking stock at the end of each month.

We have been given a bagful of books. They shall be distributed in September when we plan to set up the first Community Micro Library. Books shall be freely taken out and read. Meaning that a few may get lost. But it’s more important to have a lost book being read somewhere, rather than have stories that are locked away from the mind of a potential reader.

New books are expensive to purchase so we rely on the goodwill of the public to donate books that they have no need for. We are always happy to receive any kind of reading material that is enlightening.

Books in stock may be exchanged for other books, but never bought or sold.