National Book Trust of Uganda Donates 400 New Books

Support to Community Micro Libraries

By Sophie Alal

Deyu African received 400 new books from the National Book Trust of Uganda on Friday 6th September. Tom Muwanga, the office Assistant selected titles intended for young readers. Some of the titles include Can You Make a Bird? and Megan Went to Bed by Wendy Body.
“These books are from Longman Pearson. They mainly publish text books,” says Mr Muwanga.

Publications from Longman Pearson.

Publications from Longman Pearson.

Some of the titles from the Longman Health Education Readers, like Zainabu and Mumbi by Elidah Banda Chisha, provide guidance on healthy living by showing how vulnerable school girls can be when they seek sugar daddies.

Jackie Sabiti, Programme Officer in charge of Book Trade, says that when NABOTU started, it’s initial outreach activity was the Book Week Festivals. “We used to have a book donation drive where we’d give out books to public libraries and community libraries,” she says.

However they soon realised that books coming from the UK were inappropriate for the level of learning in most of the village schools which they were supporting.

“We would go to P.7 children and give then books which were equivalent to a seven year old’s reading capability, but we’d find that they could not read them,” says Jackie. There is now a deliberate desire to promote local content. She adds, “We try to support local publishers by buying their books. We also distribute books with content that is relevant and meaningful to local circumstances in terms of culture and language.”

Megan Went to Bed

Megan Went to Bed

Our main target is children. Ms Sabiti reasons that, “When you are trying to develop a habit in children, you start when they are still young.”

NABOTU partners with Book Aid International, a UK based charity to purchase and distribute books. They also train teachers and librarians on how to run a library; the cataloging process, how to arrange and store books.

National Book Trust of Uganda is situated on 3rd Floor, Suite 13, Fountain House, Nasser Road. Opposite it is an old blue and white Uganda Police booth.

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