Gulu Fashion Week

The way the twinkle and the light
By Omagor L’ Emorut Joseph



On the 15th of March 2013, Bomah Hotel Gulu poolside hosted the launch of Gulu Fashion Week. The event was the initiative of two young ladies behind the MODO House of Fashion label. They are Ms Susan Namirimu and Ms Awor Christine, fondly known as

The launch was accompanied by a film screening by United Youth Entertainment, and live music from Bomah Hotel Live Band Quartet.

“The idea behind the fashion week was to gather support and reach out to people who are interested in local art. Right now we are really good at what we do. Our products and materials are mostly local with a little touch of western designs. We hope to conquer the whole market,” says Susan.

Miss Uganda 2013 finalist Atim Ketty

Miss Uganda 2013 finalist Atim Ketty

Dashiki gown in cotton

Dashiki print gown in cotton

A fusion of  traditional dress and western style at the launch of the Gulu fashion week

Fusion of fashion. Embroidered batik dress shirt dress on jeans.

Susan and Tina prefer to use locally available fabric. They argue that most of these are reminiscent of African art pieces and way of life. In addition to that, fabrics like cotton and linen are best suited for our weather which is hot and dusty in the dry season and humid and warm in the rainy season.

Onono Erick

Onono Erick. Plastic beads

African themed accesories on Atim Patricia of MODO House of fashion

Atim Patricia of MODO. Laquered paper beads and dyed shell earrings.

A model at Bomah Hotel poolside during the Gulu Fashion Week launch

Layered skirt. Gulu Fashion Week launch

Atim Ketty

Atim Ketty


Models on the run way

African fabric


Tina and Susan

Awor Christine and Susan Namubiru. Designers and business owners at MODO House of Fashion

Awor Christine at work

Awor Christine at work

For approximately eight years, Susan has been designing her own clothes and other people’s as well. Together with her good friend Tina, they started Modo House of Fashion in October last year. So far, they have signed on ten female models and five male models. Susan manages the fashion house’s operations from Gulu. The most pressing challenge is the logistics of having their pieces safely transported. At the end of the fashion event Tina said, “I am based in Kampala where I hand tailor my designs.”

Modo House of Fashion’s office is in a little meticulously organized boutique named Sharp Men’s Boutique. It is located on Mega street opposite Mega Shoppers supermarket, right in the heart of Gulu town. The boutique also doubles as a hair salon serving both men and women. They hope to move to a more convenient location in order to be able to attract the right clientèle.

The fashion duo’s runway designs also featured during the Bayimba International Festival of the Arts, held on 05, April 2014 at TAKS Art Center Gulu. For now everything looks upward, and with fingers crossed designers, Susan and Tina hope to gain more experience and cut their teeth in the industry.

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