We Return in September

Dear friends

We are living in exciting times. Our work relies on the goodwill of culture makers of all trades i.e., writers, photographers, village grannies, potters, ghetto intellectuals and city literati.

It takes time to ethically navigate, and understand the world view of all the kind communities and private individuals who have freely chosen to work with us. We are therefore broadening our work to focus on these three main areas:

Organising workshops tailored to meet the needs of writers from undeserved communities, marginalised groups and minorities.

Soliciting for free books and buying affordable printed copies to stock our Community Micro Libraries.

Videography and archiving of intangible heritage such as folk tales, folk medicine, indigenous cuisine and still photos.

Because of the evolving character of our young social enterprise, we are content to judiciously use our limited financial resources and time. Thus every now and then, we take time off to refresh, strategise and deliver high quality work to our friends and readers.

Deyu African shall be back in September.

Thank you,

Deyu African Team