Pat Robert Larubi

Pat Larubi

Pat Robert Larubi is a news reporter with a rich experience in multi media and communication.

He has covered the war and post war recovery process in Northern Uganda. As a social entrepreneur, Pat has managed Destiny Film and Television Academy. This is a youth community journalism training centre aimed at empowering the youth of Uganda with basic skills in photography, videography and sound production.

Mr Larubi is a graduate of journalism and mass communication from UMCAT School of journalism, Kampala. He holds a BA in Information Technology and System Management from Datamine; a certificate in Pedagogical teaching skills from UGAPRIVI Academy, Kampala; a certificate in IT proficiency from Diamond ICT; a certificate in Education management and information systems, IFC World Bank, and a certificate in Linux system administration from the East African Centre for Open Source Software Kampala.

He has worked as correspondent news reporter for NTV, and The Daily Monitor from January 2013 to August 2014 in Acholi sub region. He currently contributes to Chimpreports, East Africa fastest growing online news website based in Kampala. He reports on a wide range of topics which including Health, IT News, and his blog can be accessed at

He continues to lecture at Destiny Film Academy and UMCAT School of journalism and mass communication. Pat had been a valued mentor and youth educator at Fontes Foundation.

He enjoys sport and has trained as a kick boxer with the Sharing Youth Centre. Pat is a family man with 3 beautiful children.

More of his stories can be read at the International Journalists Network.

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  2. Pat is a great person who never stops inspiring the youth.
    He has been my lecturer and trust me, its through his wise hands on lecturering system that am also having hope of becoming an influencial person Uganda and Africa at large.
    Mr. Pat you are a real champion.

  3. It’s great to read about someone in Africa covering war stories. Journalism is indeed a dangerous job which invloves much dedication. I wish more people will follow him.

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