Happy New Year

By Sophie Alal

To all our readers and supporters, thank you for helping sustain the important work of Deyu African. Everything we publish is down to the tireless collaborations between our editorial collective and contributors. Some work out well while others never quite so. But we’re grateful for these lessons.

2015 was exceptional as we saw new growth in our team structure. We also had several unique publications from new contributors. Still, we’re on the look out for exciting new ventures into art writing, pop culture, comics, animation and photography. As a reflection on our civilization, scholarly articles and critical essays shall be given special focus in the new year.

Everybody works for a stipend, but never for free. The content person is everything. And because we’re not so keen on labouring for free, we wish to do more. Next year we hope to raise more money for current storytelling projects.

We have come a long way and a longer journey is ahead. Here’s to new starts.

Best wishes in 2016.