Silent Voices: The Return of Serious Theatre

By Sophie Alal

“It is one of those very good plays that have taken a very long time to be shown in the National Theatre,” said Prof Dan Kisense. “We had balance in acting, stage setting, sound and lighting effects, and above all, the story.”

“It was touching on the psychology and reality of our times regarding Northern Uganda. The play goes through many dimensions. There are pleasant things that we don’t talk about, and that is a silent voice. There are bad things we don’t want to hear about, and that is a silent voice.”

Bayimba Regional Festival of the Arts

By Omagor L’Emorut On 6th April 2013 Gulu hosted the Bayimba Regional Festival of the Arts. This is Bayimba’s 6th year of succesfully running the annual festivals. This year’s calendar of merrymaking began in the Northern town of Gulu. The venue was Through Art Keep Smiling Art Center (TAKS), as usual.The festival showcased an art…


An art installation about and with the Benet, Forest People of East Africa. Here is the transcript and translation of the art installation seen in the video. This project follows the lived experiences of Iris Honderdos, an installation-artist and her partner Arno Peeters, a composer and sound artist. The collaborating duo are self-described ‘community based’…