Ugandan Youth Authenticating African Fashion

Attitudes towards fashion are influenced by the ways in which a society appreciates aesthetics. For most teens, the imperative to define their identity happens through high school culture and celebrity fashion. At social gatherings like the Buzz Teeniez Awards, celebrities’ dress codes are taken very seriously. This implies that any celebrity who dresses in a sloppy manner could dent their social capital. And the desire of youths to emulate celebrities in turn boosts manufacturers in the fashion industry.

Dreams of Writing

Ms Oketta says she invited Ms Lamwaka, Mr Kisiki and I because, “It is very memorable and inspiring when students meet living writers.” According to her, “Writing is a very delicate hobby. As a profession, if it’s not well grounded, it can easily get lost in the middle of all the many things we want to do or become.”

A New Micro Library

The books on the shelves mainly cater to the needs of children and young adults. The titles support cognitive abilities such as creativity, problem solving and critical thinking skills. Other titles address practical problems that local people can easily relate with such as HIV/AIDS, sanitation and hygiene.

A model at Gulu Fashion Week, Bomah Hotel.

Gulu Fashion Week

By Omagor L’ Emorut Joseph

“Right now we are really good at what we do. Our products and materials are mostly local with a little touch of western designs. We hope to conquer the whole market.”

Funerary Pots

When a person dies, it is the duty of the aunt, or wayo to inform the family that death has occurred.  She stands outside and takes some thatching grass from the roof then fills a large calabash with clean water. If the deceased is male she removes three stalks of grass and if female she…

Ritual Pottery

At the end of many ceremonies, traditional beer known as kwete is decanted into a ritual pot. In offering their blessings, first the Elders and then each member of the family drink a few sips of beer and then blow into the empty vessel. A spray of dregs falls onto those being blessed. Photo taken…


September 2013. L-R: Aloyo Innocent and her baby, Baby Ofwonya.  Allu Paula Min Ayari. Potters from Aleda. Their workshop specialises in large water pots. The clay is dug up from a nearby swamp. At home, it is prepared by removing plant matter and impurities like small tones. It is kneaded until it is soft and…