My Volmoed Journey

By Tendai Mwanaka

I really wanted to get into the waterfall or at the very least get close enough to touch it. When I got near it, I felt like I was a part of it. Below was a deep green pool. I was not sure how deep, but anything that appeared too deep has always scared me. So I could not begin to imagine what might lie inside. I imagined water animals that I’m not fond of: snakes, mermaids, and crocodiles. But, I was mostly scared of the Njuzu that day, so we enjoyed it from the outside. It’s not a joke, I am afraid of these aquatic half human creatures. In my culture and country, these creatures are associated with supernatural forces, for instance it is believed the most potent traditional healers is of the Njuzu calling. It is said that they were often people who had been abducted by a Njuzu and secreted deep inside caves, in the river’s pools, where they would be taught the trade. So growing up, we were always afraid of river pools that were said to have Njuzu in them. Afraid we might be abducted by these supernatural creatures. It is also believed that should people mourn for you after your abduction, these creatures would kill you. Thus you can understand my fear of these creatures at that instance.

The Story Club Malawi calls out to new African writers

Shadreck has sent out a social media call for submission to writers across the continent. The call invited, “Writers from all over the African continent and the diaspora to give us their dreams, their dreads, their hopes, and their fictions about a future in Africa in 500 years from now.” Story submissions for consideration in the anthology should be between 3000–3500 words sent in by the deadline date of March 15, 2015.