A New Micro Library

The books on the shelves mainly cater to the needs of children and young adults. The titles support cognitive abilities such as creativity, problem solving and critical thinking skills. Other titles address practical problems that local people can easily relate with such as HIV/AIDS, sanitation and hygiene.

Banda Micro Library

According to UNICEF, 30 million children in Sub Saharan Africa don’t attend school. Independent studies indicate that 68% of children are unable to complete primary school, and over 10% will repeat at least one year of studies. Surely if these inequalities are to continue, then human progress could be even worse.

Too Many Readers and Too Few Books

The birth of Community Micro Libraries By Sophie Alal September 21st was a gloriously sunny morning in Gulu. It had rained heavily the previous evening, and storm clouds continued to threaten the signing of an agreement between United Youth Entertainment and Deyu African. The conclusion of the agreement later in the afternoon gave UYE stewardship…

Community Micro Libraries

Community Micro Libraries are little libraries that may exist in a trunk, a dresser or a secure little corner in a friendly house. The idea is to support reading for pleasure in the community. Reading enhances the appreciation of culture. Through the reading of fiction, poetry, scholarly writing, music and even posters, many people can…